Our Packages

Our Packages

Our Packages No matter what package you select, you can be certain that it adds excitement and fun

Capture the Best Moments

Capture the Best Moments

We will help you make your party a memorable one.

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Photo Booth Hire & Rental

Are you planning to hold a party? Make it a very special day to cherish with us. Our Photo Booth Hire company takes excitement to a higher level regardless of the occasion, be it a wedding, birthday parties or product launches.

Photo booth hire is an exceptional way of capturing all your families and friends as they enjoy the very special moment and it is a way of giving them some laughter and fun too! A lot of couples choose this option, so they could ask their guests to join.

Capture the Best Moments

We will help you make your party a memorable one. It doesn’t matter if your visitors are a little bit wacky to take a mad moment or like to a capture a picture with the celebrant. We will help you make this moment full of fun. Our photo booths have big digital screens so that you could see your image before capturing it.

Just press the button when all things are set and our high quality photo booth rental will capture many pictures in seconds so that you and your visitors can select the best shot. In just a minute, our photo booth will bestow your picture in a 6 by 4 size. This print utilizes high quality ink and pictures are not just produced from typical or traditional printers.

Our photo booth hire is ideal for outdoor and indoor settings and it does not matter what the weather is like outside. Your visitors will all be dry while they share fun together and have their exciting pictures captured.

Almost everyone who experiences the excitement of this setup says it is a remarkable means to get people to laugh and relax. A lot of people do not want to have their pictures captured but somehow, they love this type of photography.

 clients can select from different additional items such as masks, dressing-up hat box as well as fun accessories. Visitors will also be capable of buying a funny snap of their own when they want. We also give out a disc of your guests' pictures as part of the package.

Branded photos booths for corporate events are what we do well, whether its a full custom design photo booth or a logo on a panel, we’ve a lot of experience in last minute printing.

All printing is laid in house and design is in your hands to ensure the photo booth is exactly the way you like. Corporate entertainment ideas are always key when trying to engage with customers. Our print outs can be the perfect promotional material that you’re looking for with your event. Have an offer or hashtag that you’d like your clients to know about? Nothing says it better than a custom print with a fully branded photo booth. 

Wedding Photo Booth Hire

We cater photo booth hire services for various occasions, but wedding reception is becoming a big part of our photo booth hire service in the area of and nearby places.

The pictures are printed in just a matter of seconds, touch dry and set to be enjoyed with family and friends. This is why we are in demand!

A wedding photo booth is what we do best, complete with a guestbook and an additional print for your guests to sign, theres no reason why would shouldn’t have a photo booth for your big day. Our wedding reception booth hire keep guests entertained for as many hours as you like, but we recommend 3 hours as a sweet spot for use. Our carefully designed packages come with all files sent to you after your evening and an attendant to ensure a smooth evening of use. 

Our Packages

No matter what package you select, you can be certain that it adds excitement and fun, laughter and a touch of originality to your very special day. It will be a feature that not any of your guests will ever forget. High quality pictures, if your visitors are relaxed and happy and enjoying themselves, will be a special moment of your day together. So please enjoy our Photo Booth Hire & rental